Preparation to the Show

We decide to do the show at 30th of May at S-Petersburg Museum. This leave us with several meetings before the “construction of the Future City”. Our group in Berlin get to know each other just now, all kids are deferent ages. So, we are going to change the subject from “finall constraction” to just the feel of the idea of how the education process can be held if:

– it is associated with the production of specific and interesting things: for example, the layout of the city of the future,
– if it all about communication and making new friends, contacting kids from different countries and cities,
-if the subject is interdisciplinary
– if the participants does not have a prescribed roles  in advance: they do not have to learn, take exams, participate in the competition.
 With that experience we are going to organise deapre and more detailed project for the next year.
For now we are:
We draw the plan of ideal city. Each child draw his own plan.

The group of kids from S-Petersburg, Russia draw there plans.

I am going to prepare the home-boxes surrounding the central urban area and try to make creaters from plado who will live in our city and represent the child at the construction of the public building.

We all have to negotiate the establishment of a joint facility for the town square.
During the meeting, we should be able to create it.
So, we will see how it will work out.
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