No Fishermen

Once there was a place that was a river. Once some men were fishing in the river. And once there was a lot of litter in the river. The river was very, very, very dirty. Then there was a sign in front of the river. It said, "No Fishing". There were no fish in the river. The fishermen went to the river. They looked in the river because they were diving. All the animals that lived in the river were dead because there was a lot of litter in the lake. So that is why the fishermen saw the sign that said, "No Fishing". No, no, no. The End


In the subway, there was a Coca-Cola named Chapter Two. It was a nice Coca-Cola. It was friendly and nice. It had all its gas and energy and power. The End.

No Gas

Dear friends, The story about Coca-Cola is starting to begin. Once there was a Coca-Cola jar that had wheels, and it was alive with eyes and a mouth and a nose, and it had no Coca-Cola in it, which was its energy, gas and power.

Finger Puppet Theater Book

Finger Puppet Theater provides a framework for children to engage in interactive communication with a book. To creatively deal with what some perceive as the "attack" on books by toys, interactive games and web-activities, our project offers the child a "hands-on" approach. But we retain the important aspects of "old school books"–the story, play, and basic cultural references.

shelter folktales

Текст об историях, которые рассказывают друг другу бездомные дети Майями. 

Fun with Dick and Jane

Vladimir Gandelsman

Vladimir Gandelsman

Vladimir Gandelsman is well known to serious readers of contemporary Russian literature and poetry. As a dissident under the Soviet regime, his published output was largely limited to underground samizdat material circulated in secret, but the collapse of the USSR brought him the larger recognition he deserved. In 1992, eminent Russian poet Josef Brodsky’s high praise for Gandelsman led to a US publishing contract.


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Doctor Seuss

"Doctor Seuss is the most famous American children’s author."
— Korney Chukovsky

Following the release of "The Cat in the Hat", Dr. Seuss became the most highly paid children’s writer in American history. His 59 books, translated into 20 languages, have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. Kurly-Murly is currently publishing the first three of what we hope to be a long series of translations of the works of Dr. Seuss into Russian.

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