Here comes the Gauss-Klub!

I'm very excited that the Nelson Mandela School management has approved my proposal for the Gauss-Klub, a math AG (that's German-school-speak for "extracurricular club") that I'll be running starting this fall. I want to put together some funny flyers, maybe videos, to publicize the club. This is my first attempt at a picture that might figure into some of those materials.

I'm going to post links of interest here in this Kurly-Murly project, and I'll also blog about what we're doing.


DreamBox is a commercial site, but it's worth checking out. Thoughtfully produced games are woven into a self-paced system for learning math, through (what they consider to be) 3rd grade.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a free site where you can watch hundreds of videos about many topics, including math, chemistry, economics and history. The most exciting feature of the site is the "Knowledge Map", which lets you work your way through a math curriculum and earn points and badges as you master topics. The Khan Academy is excellent for self-paced learning.

AG Proposal

This is the proposal that was approved by the Nelson Mandela management.

serg serg

Why do we need to study art at all?

I proposed to help run an art class in our school while the art teacher was sick.

To get to know the kids better, I chose the theme "portrait". I brought with me lots of colored paper cut into circles, and disposible plates to serve as frames. I proposed to the kids that they draw a portrait of anything they chose: animal, monster or person. 

olga shevchenko

Noel Bush

katerina katerina

3d books
so, not just interactive, but 3-d
what is the deferents between books and games from now on?