One more scary German children book.

To continue with scary German children books (begging is here : “Bed dreams”), want to share the book about the stranger.




First of all, this book has a great illustration.

The artist is in love with German expressionism. I was myself too, when I was a child.

So, I can appreciate it.




Second, this is a book about relationship between a stranger and a mob.

Very German theme,

My favorite childhood hero: Hoffman’s musician and magical person, who condemned to live among aggressive burgers in a small German town.



One day man is coming to the island. Inhabitants are came to see: “What is it?” and ” Why is it here?”

They did not like the man. He looks different then they are.



Inhabitants want to send the traveler back to the see, from where he came, but one of them, who they called “fisherman” is claiming that to send him back to the sea will be the same like to kill him.


So, they let him stay, but put him into the locked shed.





Several days had pasted. The man in the shed started to scream. He did not eat for a long time. He was hungry.


The inhabitants talked with each other about it.




(pleas, look how the artist draw the hands! this is a truly great art… )




They decided that to feed him for free would be not moral, not ethical and not cost effective.

He should work for his food.

But nobody wanted to give the work for him to do.

So, they gave to the stranger the left over from there table and told to him  never scream again.



They put him back to the shed and locked it.




From this moment, the inhabitants of the island started to worry a lot about the stranger. They had a horrible dreams, they had been scaring there kids by saying to them: “Eat your soup, or the Stranger will eat you”.



Newspapers were writing about how much stranger hate kids and the murders that he is planning.



They cannot safer it no longer. They went to the shed.



They tied him up and pushed him into the see.



They burned the fisherman boat, so it would be no chance of any other new coming from outside.



they built a huge wall around the island: no birds, no beasts can come in.

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