Step-By-Step Art Show

1. The Story

Choose the story that your child wants to act out. This might be a familiar fairy tale, or the child may want to invent their own, or they may simply want to invent characters and play with them freely. Younger kids generally don’t want to follow a script, and enjoy combining characters and other elements from different stories.

2. The Puppets

You can create your own puppets with your own unique style.

Or you can print already-made puppets and play with them.

You can also print instructions describing how to create the puppets.

3. The Stage


Print the stage. Try to choose sturdy paper for it. You don’t need to glue it, simply fold it correctly and it will stand up by itself.

4. The Play

Photograph or film your child. Just do it before 21st of March!

Email your photographs or video to, and/or post your photos to Flickr with the tag FingerPuppets2009.

5. The Exhibit

We will print the photographs and display them at the museum exhibit and on the Kurly-Murly web site. Participants in the project should agree that all works are licensed under the Attribution Share Alike Creative Commons license. Please indicate how you would like your and your child’s work to be attributed.

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