The Index of the Book about Theater for kids

              People in the theater and theater for the people..

  • Preface. Why and for whom this book was written.  
  • The history of the theater.
    • Theater and politis
    • My own theater
    • Theater as a cult
    • Theater as a company
    • Theater as a weapon
  • The directors and actors. Stories from the theatrical life of the 20 th century.
    • Stanislavski
    • Brecht
    • Evreinov
    • Arto
    • Gordon Craig
  • Artists and Theater
    • Professional and amateur
    • Theater for rich and for poor
    • theatrical artists today
  • Music in the Theater
    • It’s really scary
    • The diversity of sounds in the world of theater
    • Music Theater of the Future
  • Plays
    • Zhanry. What is this?
    • My favorite once
    • Try your own



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