Video-project Finger Puppet Theater

Finger Puppet Theater began as an attempt to create a book for kids that would try to restore the equal relationship between сhild and book, making the book a friend rather than a mentor.

The book is now available for free download, licensed as Creative Commons Share Alike.

This was also the theme for an art show that took place at the Ahmatova Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, on April 20, 2009.

Besides the group working in the museum, several other groups participated in this exhibition: from St.Petersburg, from Moscow, New York and Berlin.  Most of these photographs were exhibited at the Museum of Anna Ahmatova.

Because Puppet Theater has a very simple structure and is very easy to replicate, while integrating one’s own vision of the Book, the Theater and the Play, this project has an interesting future. Our new goals are:

  • To collect 2-3 minute videos from different parts of the world, showing small theater productions created by kids. A resulting film, “All Our Shows”, will contain 12 funny, tricky, absurd, very different and scary videos.  We hope to send it to various festivals.
  • We are assembling a book called “Finger Puppet Theater” that will be available for free download.
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