Art Dictionary. Journal of observations.


This book – a sort of diary of domestic arts circle.

Despite a long and varied experience in fine arts classes, I do not plan to teach children something important or responsible.

Rather, I myself would like them to learn something, but

importantly, we’re going to spend time playing.

I understand my task as an organizational one.

First, I undertake to deliver to each lesson unexpected, interesting and diverse art materials.

If someone does not know, one of the main joys of artistic professions is the ability to visit an art shop.

Why are there only not for sale: a tiny little album, giant kartonischa, brushes and paints of various kinds and sizes.

That’s really where I’m really turning into a shopaholic!

Soul ready to sell for a special frame or a special worn piece of paper.

A surprising new materials: colored clay that dries without firing or materials for crafts, from which we can come up with a variety of installations, sculptures, useless things, about the funny?

A truly artistic pursuits just needed to truly diverse art materials.

They, of course, not only sold in stores. True rarities can be found in the trash, including unwanted household goods, beg from friends and acquaintances.

In addition to materials, adults should provide children with access to information.

Sensations from viewing paintings, books and visiting museums about the same as in store art materials: the realm of infinite vozmozhnstey.

It is important to be able to borrow someone’s great idea to continue someone’s joke, parodied inept zaznayku or continue an entertaining journey.

Alien work also need to ensure that their obsmeivat, paint over, cut out pieces and glue them to their own work.

Therefore, we consider the work of great and not so painters and artists, as well as advertising, religious manuscripts, and in general any visual materials that will fall to us by the hand.

In addition, the administration of the artistic circle should provide a glorious future work of its participants.

Wise kruzhkovody last published albums with works of his pupils, wrote manifestos, explaining his artistic principles.

If our studies prove lengthy, and records regularly with us, too, will his album “Art Dictionary. Diary of observations”

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