Oil Pastels


The first lesson we have been aggressive zarisovyvaniem white sheets of paper an oil pastel.

Bed I chose for selfish reasons.

The fact that Benny long time, great deal, and successfully draws a black pen.




He feels fine line drawing, and he has no problem expressing himself in the chart.

We can say that he draws as freely as the said (in English).

But Beniyamin – extremely conservative.

He does not like to try new food, new clothes, hair, shy new friends and not agree to try new art techniques.

So I came up with an art journey together with Emilio, to show him how and what happens in other countries outside of origin: white paper, black pen.

The first lesson took place is difficult.

The main word that I had difficulty trying to explain in this lesson was – a patch of color (color spot) and the color plane (color plan).


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