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Nika Dubrovsky

Noel Bush

Future City show Berlin

We had a black sheet of paper. At the edges we placed boxes for buildings, which the children started to decorate. Each child decorated his own house, according to the nature of the character that the child created and that is going to live in it. 


The Index of the Book about Theater for kids

              People in the theater and theater for the people..

Russian Сharacters


Finger Puppets

The child will find in the box 5 books with the deferent stories. This are not just a books, first of all thees are the dolls, that he or she is going to play with. The child will almost never follow the liaut of the story, using it mostly like a reference point. But isn’t it exactly how the farytales were created at the first place?

The transformation of the book’s characters into the finger puppets, create the stress of the project.