New York, East Village


Jarell’s "Hunting House"

Calio’s dolls

Julia, Benjamin and Nicollas are bulding the stages.

Photographs from New York Pupetts Theater

Dalls by Philipp Glickman and Alis Volfson.




Fotographs from Moscow (Studio of Sophia Israel)




Photographs from the Museum of Anna Ahmatova

Video-project Finger Puppet Theater

Finger Puppet Theater began as an attempt to create a book for kids that would try to restore the equal relationship between сhild and book, making the book a friend rather than a mentor.

The book is now available for free download, licensed as Creative Commons Share Alike.

Planning the Ideal City

Benjamin (6 years old): "Playground Town"

Future City


The second project of the "Children Artists" series is called "Future City". In contrast with the "Finger Puppet Theater", the focus of this project is social. 

We met at 30th of May on Sunday at 2 p m S-Petersburg time and 4 p m Berlin time.

Step-By-Step Art Show

1. The Story

Choose the story that your child wants to act out. This might be a familiar fairy tale, or the child may want to invent their own, or they may simply want to invent characters and play with them freely. Younger kids generally don’t want to follow a script, and enjoy combining characters and other elements from different stories.

2. The Puppets

You can create your own puppets with your own unique style. 

Nursery Rhymes Book

My first book.

"My first book" –

books for the kids who is just starting to learn to read.  

This books about Microbs were created together with my sin Benjamin.

He draw the "microbes" that i really like,

he also discribe to me there busy life:

how do they move, fly, get in truble and save the day.