For the second lesson, we made collages.




This technique has already been mastered Benya.

Once he stole a lot of old newspaper advertising in my studio and began

cut out of them liked the image, stick them dorisovyvat black marker “missing” parts.

The idea was to depict the city of fast food.

Fast food – a frequent character in his fantasies. Hamburgers and Progress dogs appeared in his clay works.

It seems that this is just a very healthy psychological reaction of the child: to process the surrounding reality (promotional or not, for it does not matter) into a sort of personal mythology, thus it apropriiruya.

For art dictionary, except the word “collage” – Collage

It takes words:

patch of color – color spot (Farbfleck)

line – line (Linie)

composition – composition (Zusammensetzung)

volume (Volumen)

plane (Flugzeug)

But, most importantly, have time to look more interesting works of good artists


The main artist, rather, an artist whose work we looked at – Hannah Höch.

The German artist, belongs to Dada-movement.




Hannah Höch – inventor of the genre photo-collages.

She began to do them immediately after the Cubists.





In my opinion, her very passionate and at the same time funny collages.

We actually almost looks.




This work is especially liked the children.



For our studies, however, tables of ranks are not important. We do not care who invented what first. If only the pictures were inspiring.

These pictures I found on Flicker and they are labeled as “my student work.”

Children are also very pleased.



It was very amusing to watch the children busily studying catalogs of toys are not for “I also want to buy this” and saying “Well, I myself will take this and add to it. And this, I turn into …”



We have completed the exercise decision possible to collect interesting pictures from magazines and newspapers (and in general how chance to be before) and

arrange the next series of collage adventure not much later.



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