Finger Puppets

The child will find in the box 5 books with the deferent stories. This are not just a books, first of all thees are the dolls, that he or she is going to play with. The child will almost never follow the liaut of the story, using it mostly like a reference point. But isn’t it exactly how the farytales were created at the first place?

The transformation of the book’s characters into the finger puppets, create the stress of the project.


Preparation to the Show

We decide to do the show at 30th of May at S-Petersburg Museum. This leave us with several meetings before the "construction of the Future City". Our group in Berlin get to know each other just now, all kids are deferent ages. So, we are going to change the subject from "finall constraction" to just the feel of the idea of how the education process can be held if:

Gallery Vinogradov Berlin


New York, East Village


Jarell’s "Hunting House"

Calio’s dolls

Julia, Benjamin and Nicollas are bulding the stages.

S-Petersburg School ‘Epigraph”




Photographs from New York Pupetts Theater

Dalls by Philipp Glickman and Alis Volfson.




Fotographs from Moscow (Studio of Sophia Israel)




Photographs from the Museum of Anna Ahmatova

Video-project Finger Puppet Theater

Finger Puppet Theater began as an attempt to create a book for kids that would try to restore the equal relationship between сhild and book, making the book a friend rather than a mentor.

The book is now available for free download, licensed as Creative Commons Share Alike.

Art Show in Akhmatova Museum in St. Petersburg