Mother read to her child a banal kitschy book, аIn 2 hours the child draw its own version of it.

I saved for myself a couple of drawings.


Children and fashion.

Lena Rose is the youngest model. She is just 10 years old. her appearance in Vogue started the controversial topic about kids exploitation .



One more scary German children book.

To continue with scary German children books (begging is here : "Bed dreams"), want to share the book about the stranger.




First of all, this book has a great illustration. 

The artist is in love with German expressionism. I was myself too, when I was a child. 

I hate cursive.

got it for the next userpic of my Cursive project. 

I hate school.

via petson  found a cool book



from the series of "school are really readlly bad".

I like it! 

90th aniversary of Summerhill



Autobiography in Cursive Hand


Monk Huai-su (725-?)

More patterns




If one would study writing by doing patterns like thees, it would be no problem to be able to draw after he (or she) would learn how to write. 


Between drawing and sing

Three Kinds of Archaic Graphs and their Transitions to Modern Characters

Top Row: Complex single-element graphs whose modern parallels are direct descendants of archaic forms.

Middle Row: Simple multiple-element graphs lacking modern equivalents.

Bottom Row: Complex multi-element graphs with either modern descendants or equivalents.

Nostalgic – School Handwriting from soviet childhood.