planets antipode



Thees are two planets (one is mine and an other one is Benjamin's) that connected with each other like siamese twins. One of them is inhabits by demons and an other one by angels. 





I found at in library this book about nightmares and fairies

Benjamin partly translated this book for me. Each page is devoted to a specific dream and fairy that responsible for it. The pictures is practically pornographic. Dana told to me, that she would not think kids can look at it at all.


Movie to watch for Benjamin

Summerhill (TV 2008) 120 min – Drama

Great artist – Mattias Adolfsson

his web-stie

here are some of his work:




BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU

via Artem Burtsev

Beautiful things


from here.

It would be great to imaging to do the wall painting like it: several levels, 3dementional. Something like a more develope idea of releif

Paper dolls



attach file for download and print. 

Imaginary friend

Imaginary companions described by the children came in a fantastic variety of guises, including invisible boys and girls, a squirrel, a panther, a dog, a seven-inch-tall elephant and a "100-year-old" GI Joe doll.



Help us find a Russian Title!

Hey Russian speakers! We're trying to find a title for our series about cursive handwriting. I don't know Russian, so I've come up with a list of rather crazy ideas. Probably some of them are rude or vulgar, so please don't be offended. But if you could take a look here and let us know if any of them make sense to you, or if they give you any better ideas, that would be great! Of course we'll credit you if you come up with the title we go with!


Horror books for kids


Harry Potter books are clearly horror novels for teens. They build around childern hatred and fear for adults and school. 

Benjamin read first 2 books in July and recently started a 3d one.

He decieded to read it only during the day. It is too scary for him to read it at night. He had a nightmares.