When I grow up.


Adults are talking about the future ocupation of the small boy. 

The boy is saying: |"When I grow up I want to be a soldier"

Mother; "You can be anything you want, even a fareman, but not a soldier!"

After thinking a little the boy very seriuosly tell to everybody"When I grow up, I want to be an old man"

This is his drawing. 

How to paint a wall.

Found  here a great example of how to paint the wall. 

Acrilic and pen 

Size: about de 7 x 3 meters 


Wall painting

I am thinking about ideas for the wall painting in Benjamin's school. Not sure that this one would be aceptable for the administration.. but I bet kids would like it!


Links collection

I lost whole banch of links in Googlereader 

Stupid bug… 

This is actually good. I will collect everything from scratch from here

The best: 



Finger Puppets with the app

This is an adoptation of the book by artist Keri Smith.

I am especially interested in the part, where they playing with the fingerprints.

Would be great to do the same for my book Finger Puppet Theater.

Zen Brush iPad app

had a research trip to find out more about app for tablets. 

Found Zen Brush iPad app

Imaginary friend

found here 

The future is a blob

Interesting how it would be explained today… 

Wisdom and Salt Water

Wisdom and Salt Water from Priya Ravi on Vimeo.

Activity Based Learning

Reading the paper about Activity Based Learning.

Preparing the intervew with Amukta Mahapatra.