The idea to create the Activity Book for the kids was born from the unsuccessful attempt to teach

my 7 years old sun Benjamin how to write in cursive. 


In Russian and in German schools training how to write in Cursive taken the most of the first two years of schooling. This is turn to be the major disciplinary activity. 


Our sun is going to a Free School in Berlin and doesn’t oblige to learn how to write. 


So, he refused to write in Cursive, because.. it was not interesting for him.


I started to think about the motivation. What would be able to attract the child, who is mostly communicated with his freinds throght the computer to learn to write by hand?


First we both rediscover the fan of writing the letters to freinds. 


I mean real letters with post stamps from deferent countries, with postman bringing it to your door or, you find it yourselve in your postbox. 


It involve buying and putting in the envelope deferent trushy things: stickers, funny little objects, that can fit in the envelope.


One can hardly call his letters writings. This is more like drawings or something in between. 

But mail-art media allowed him to walk between this two …conditions by his own tempo. 



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