Старые советские книжки

Нашла отличную коллекцию в интернете.

Сохранила себе парочку книжек и зафрендила товарища на flicker.

а вот что пишет сам автор коллекции: 

Last month I was traveling around the former Eastern Bloc and Soviet Union with a camera, taking hundreds of pictures… buildings, people, etc. But what really blew my mind the most? These bizarre and yet beautiful paperback book covers from the late Communist era. What makes the illustrations and graphic design so mysterious to our Western aesthetic sensibility? Is it more than the fact that we can’t read the titles? All I know is, I couldn’t get enough of looking at these books.

еще картинки, из сохранных (полностью коллекция лежит здесь)


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